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Pumpkinfest starts on Saturday, September 26th and runs every weekend until Sunday, October 25, 2020 including Thanksgiving Monday, October 12, 2020. The Time Slot on the ticket is the time for your arrival at Gammondale.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions across Ontario, PUMPKINFEST has been limited to 100 visitors at the farm at one time. These limits are to keep you safe, and  you will still have time to have fun and make lots of memories because of the limited numbers.
To purchase Pumpkinfest tickets using the calendar below:
1.Click on a date to visit Gammondale and choose a time slot to arrive at Gammondale.
2. Confirm the date and time of arrival for Pumpkinfest tickets
3. Select how many tickets you require and update the cart.
4. Proceed to the checkout.
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