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2021 Easter Festival at GAMMONDALE FARM

The Easter Festival is still on!

The Easter Festival Drive Thru is a contactless curbside pick up event. We can take photos for you using your phone. We will hand sanitize before handling your phone.

Today, phone Sue at 807-472-4691 if you want to buy Easter Baskets.  There are only a few baskets left to purchase. The online tickets sales is not functioning (tech problems).

Each Easter Basket from the Easter Bunny is $24.95 (+HST).

Baskets must be ordered today Friday, April 2nd by phoning Sue at 807-472-4691, so the Easter Bunny can gather all the supplies.

Curbside Pick Up is tomorrow, Saturday, April 3rd. 1pm- 4pm

The Easter Bunny will put together everything your child needs for a special Easter Egg Hunt with their family at home!

Easter Baskets will include a dozen colourful, fillable plastic eggs, wrapped chocolate eggs, Easter stickers, an Easter Basket, balloons and streamers, an autographed Easter Card from the Easter Bunny, more chocolate treats, a toy, a glow stick and a $20 Gift Card from Gammondale Farm towards a Sleigh Ride or Birthday Party.

The Easter Bunny will be at the farm delivering the Baskets and some of the Gammondale animals will be on hand for a visit.

Please wear masks even though you are in your car when you show your receipt and ID at the Pick Up.

On arrival, show your receipt and your photo ID that matches the name and address on your receipt as proof of purchase.

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