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29th Annual


11am to 5pm.

$19.75 per person ages 2 to 92. Babies under 2 are free.
Tickets have been on sale since Wednesday, September 6, 2023.
Please don’t buy tickets too far ahead, unless you are positive that you can use them. There are lots of tickets available for each day. The tickets are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled. If you cannot use them on the date that you chose, sell or give them to someone else and contact Sue so that the contact name can be changed on the ticket so it matches the photo ID.
In the case of bad weather, PUMPKINFEST will still be open but some of the outdoor activities may be closed. On those days, we give everyone who arrives at the farm a PUMPKINFEST RAIN CHECK that lets you come back on a nice weather day of your choice or you may rather get a free pumpkin if you cannot return later.
In the case of an emergency situation where PUMPKINFEST is cancelled completely for the day, tickets for that day will be honoured on the following day or weekend.
You do not need to make a reservation or purchase a ticket for a baby under 2 years.
American visitors! Our ticket system will not accept US Credit Cards so please plan to come any day, any time and pay cash.

Please, no pets at PUMPKINFEST


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